About Us

We launched our wide range of Gluten Free Vegan Pies on the 8th July 2021. 

Our pies are not just Vegan but are also Gluten Free and with the exception of the occasional inclusion of nuts, which will be well advertised, our products will not contain any of the 14 allergens shown below as listed with food.gov.uk.

We will be offering a pre-order facility whereby customers can order any of our products allowing a period of a minimum 60 minutes before collecting their piping hot orders. We can also provide uncooked pies for home cooking.

Aswell as our savoury selections we will also be offering a variety of sweet pies.

We will, in the near future, be offering a postal service. Allowing our fabulous pies to be enjoyed by those living in other areas.

Although we launched in Hull, UK we will be opening a new premises and offering our full range of products in Argentina in 2022.